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It’s 25th December in kolkata.people in Kolkata were surviving with pleasant days and cool evenings. I decided to go for a small hang out with my best friend.

It’s almost 6 PM and I reached in park street. While my best friend called me and said that she would be late due to some personal reasons. We had already made a plan to spend some time in Allen park in park street. In the meantime, I decided to spend this one hour in one of my favorite places CROSSWORD Kolkata. This store is not only famous for the collection of books but also there is a cafe along with the book store which will allow one to immerse oneself into their favorite book and they can also enjoy the hot sip of coffee simultaneously. I entered the store and slowly paced my way towards the book store. However I knew that it’s not possible for me to buy any book from here because CROSSWORD is quiet a costly luxury place and I am still jobless. Although it’s quite difficult for me to restrain my eyes from the books. Suddenly my eyes fell on a photography book. As I immersed myself in the book, suddenly I noticed a guy standing opposite to me and he was noticing me constantly. Basically he was a French guy. Here  I was trying my best to act that I didn’t notice him and there he was trying his best to grab my attention towards him.No doubt, I confess that I get quite attracted to foreign guys. I left the book there and walked straight towards the cafe. I ordered one ‘Kashmiri chai’  and focussed my attention on the decoration made in the cafe. Suddenly I saw that same French guy again and now he was with one of his Indian friends. I glanced at him and he gave me a warm smile in return. The way he smiled made me smile too.No doubt, he was one of the attractive guys in that cafe. As the waiter served the order, I quickly drunk it as my best friend called me and said that she was waiting for me in the Allen park. I went to the cash to make the payment for the order then I suddenly realized that I had left my purse most probably on that coffee table. As I came back I saw that it was exactly there but that French guy sitting right opposite to my table was not there anymore. So yeah! I felt sad. I made my payment and almost on my way towards the Allen park. Suddenly I heard a voice calling me from behind. I looked back and saw the security guard of CROSSWORD. He came running towards me with a book. He said”Mam, one  French guy told me to  gave it  to you.”I opened the book and saw it’s the same book I left on the bookshelf at that time. The book was carrying a small note behind it’s back. It’s written”Hey! Stranger you liked this book and I liked you. It’s a small gift from me to you. You indeed gave me a warm smile dear. keep smiling. Merry Christmas! “I was almost shocked and little happy also”Ah! What an evening it was!”


Anisha Das.😀😀☺

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