trees in forest
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The narrow road surrounded by greenery leads me to a beautiful destination,

through this whole journey, I only had a feeling of seeing you,

I saw the birds making their way in the blue sky,

as if they were also busy in making a welcome arrangement of me towards you,

I saw the trees waving side by side as if they were dancing in a group performance,

far away my eyes fall on the laying hills which seemed that they would never apart away,

I saw some children chasing a butterfly along a riverside with a hope of catching it,

I saw tired farmers making their way towards their home,

The sun was about to say goodbye as it’s already five O’ clock,

It’s about five years and I hadn’t  come back to home,

I wonder what a life does an army belong!

I saw my mother standing away with some desires and hopes,

I wonder it will turn gloomy again after a few days,

But again I would love to choose this road,

It’s not every time that we choose the same road again and again,

But some times we do and we don’t know the exact reason.


By Anisha Das

An avid writer .😅☺

Thank you so much for visiting my blog☺.

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