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What comes to your mind when you heard the name of an “Astrologer”?A person who seeks all truth and give  us solutions. Isn’t it? Now let me tell you a story.

It’s 25th November 2017. I was returning back to Belgharia from Habra. I went there to visit my uncle house who is a bachelor still now. So it’s natural that I have a huge responsibility for him. He loves me a lot. He has a huge faith in these astrological activities and supernatural powers. While I am just the opposite. I don’t believe in all these astrological activities and these often create a heated argument between me and my uncle.

Anyway let’s get back to the story. As I said it’s  25th November, Wednesday. I was returning back to Kolkata from Habra. It’s 7’O clock and I went to the station and board in Habra Local train. The train was so crowded that I failed to make my way to the lady’s compartment. So I quickened my pace towards the vendor’s compartment. As I board in, I saw that the whole compartment was almost empty. There were only two vendors sitting and gossiping with each other. It seemed to me that they might be returning back to the home after working hard all day. On the other side of the compartment I saw a man sitting quietly on the seat. His whole body was covered with black cloth. He had long hair and tilak on his forehead. The cowry shells around his neck added sparkle on his black cloth. It seemed to me that he might be an astrologer. Since childhood, I had a habit of observing strangers. Thatswhy, my best friend always pinched me with this strange habit of me.

According to her”Either I look like a cold bitch or a hot chick to those strangers!”

Anyway I was quite attracted to this new stranger. I took the seat just opposite to him. He glanced at me once. I had a feeling that he was very unsatisfied with my decision of taking that seat. So I changed my seat quickly. I moved to the other side of the same compartment. As I looked out through the window, I saw that the Sun had already set in. It was dark outside. The darkness of the dusky sky had intensified, and in just a while a million stars had appeared in the sky. As the train reached the guma station, it was almost empty. The two vendors had gone and in the whole compartment there were only two living beings” I ” and that” Suspicious Astrologer.”As the train left the guma station, I again lost myself in the mystery of the dusky world.

Suddenly, I turned my head and saw something terrible in my life. From my side-eye, I saw that the astrologer sitting opposite me had something in his hand. It was nothing but a “SKULL OF A DEADMAN” and it was coated with blood. Within, a second he threw that “SKULL OF A DEADMAN” outside the window. I turned my head on the other side. My heart was beating so fast that I lost my vision for a minute. I act that I didn’t notice the incident. As soon as the train arrived at the next station, I just ran away and jumped out of the compartment and I didn’t turn back.

That night after returning back to home, I couldn’t sleep, and still now whenever I think of that incident a cold feelings appear inside me. I will never forget the face of that stranger in my entire life.




By Anisha Das

An avid writer .😅☺

Thank you so much for visiting my blog☺.


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