“You will fly my child. “said the mother.

“Really  Mummy. ” uttered the little boy.

” Yes! Just how a caterpillar

comes out of an egg.

It feed on leaves

and shred it’s shell.

One day it changed into pupa.

Then after a long waiting,

finally it emerged into  a beautiful butterfly ”

muttered the mother.

” Yes mummy! I will fly like a butterfly

and fulfill your aspirations one day. ”

whispered the child in his gleeful tune.

Anisha Das.


By Anisha Das

An avid writer .😅☺

Thank you so much for visiting my blog☺.

45 replies on “Fly”

You have written a fantastic story, it warms my heart to read these words. Thank you for joining the challenge Anisha Das

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Fascinating comment. It is nice when we can meet our parents’ hopes, though the challenge can also be interesting if those hopes have diverged. Then the parent can be the bird that consumes the caterpillar without thinking 🙂

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Hey Anisha, thanks for writing such a meaningful and beautiful piece! As well as for following The Poets Peace, I really appreciate your support.

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Mother is the best teacher for a child and you have beautifully explained this through your poem…
And it’s also feel great to see the appreciation you have got… ☺ keep it up…. ☺

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