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‘ I don’t know what to say, whenever I say something you always understand me wrong.’ Sheena texted to Rahul.

‘ Oh! not really, Sheena, you know what you are just not the right girl for me. My parents always used to say me that I have many qualities in me. So my girl should be very different and understanding. She should have all the abilities that women should have. You doesn’t worth me. It’s time to finish this relationship, goodbye’ Rahul texted her back with anger.

Sheena didn’t say a single word. She loved him more than he had ever understood him.ย  She decided to build her own career. Every night, whenever she went to sleep she feels that she is not a perfect girl.

However, days went by Rahul started dating Meena, a very sweet talkative girl. Rahul loves spending time with Meena, but, something is missing. Whenever Rahul says anything,ย  Meena doesn’t say anything. Rahul started imagining Meena as a perfect girl. He already started admiring Meena as a housewife, good mother and daughter in law.

On the other hand, Meena didn’t say anything to Rahul even when she gets hurt by him. She used to complain to her best friend, whenever, Rahul hurt her.

It’s a birthday party thrown by Sheena’s friend. Sheena met a very young jovial man named Vikram. After that day, they started hanging out together. Sheena suddenly felt that the feeling she used to have for Rahul started erupting again. It’s the night before Valentine’s day. Sheena started messaging Vikram on WhatsApp.

Hi Vikram.

Hello! Sheena.

Sheena: I wanted to say you something.

Vikram: Tell.

Sheena: I love you!

Vikram: Wow! That’s amazing. Even I also started having feelings for you.

Sheena: That’s great!

Vikram: Meet you tomorrow.


‘Come on,ย  Meena, I can’t believe you discussed about our relationships with your friends. why don’t you discuss it with me? If there is any problem we can sort it out.’ย  Rahul texted to Meena.

‘ Don’t blame me, Rahul. You always put your views. I think you are not the perfect boy for me, let’s end it, goodbye ‘Meena texted back to Rahul.

Rahul remembered how Sheena used to take care of him every time. She never used to say to him that he isn’t perfect for him. Tears rolled down his eyes.

‘Hey! Sheena’

Sheena: ‘ Hi!’

Rahul: How are you?

Sheena: I am fine.

Rahul: So, what are your plans for Valentine’s day?

Sheena: ‘ I am going to spend my time with my love’

Rahul: Hey! really, you are dating?

Sheena: yup. His name is Vikram. Honestly, I proposed him tonight only.

Rahul: Nice. Congrats.

Sheena: Thanks.

Rahul first time felt that how strongly he love Sheena till now without his knowing.’ It’s so strange! How can I hurt this girl who once loved and cared for me so much? Things will not get the same again. But if I have any daughter someday. I will teach her that there is no one who is perfect. Everybody should be loved with their flaws and there lies the beauty of life’. Rahul smiled and imagined the beautiful face of Sheena.

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