My Garden

This pandemic has taught us how to boost our skills and creativity. I have seen many of my friends are getting back to cultivate their skills and creativity which they had almost forgotten due to work pressure. Some seen doing painting or writing stories while many are practising dancing and singing. This virus took tolls of lives and we have no idea how many more lives it is going to take. Let’s pray that we get back our old daily routine as fast as we can. Apart from all the negative things that the pandemic has, the only positive thing we will remember is how it has given us enough time to cultivate our hobbies.

However, when it comes to gardening, I can assure you that it is my new hobby. Althogh I wanted to make a big lawn for a long time but due to the problem of space and time, it never happened in that way.

Now I have a small terrace garden and a few plants in the window of my bedroom. I am loving this. Here, I am sharing some pictures of my little garden. Hope you like it. Maybe in the future, hopefully, I will have a large lawn.

Let,’s wish that we get rid of this pandemic and get back to our normal beautiful life.

Thank you

Anisha Das.

Let me know through comments that whether have you liked my little garden or not.

By Anisha Das

An avid writer .๐Ÿ˜…โ˜บ

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