The Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello everyone, I am feeling overwhelmed that I am nominated for The Sunshine Blogger award by July27, 2019 on the post .I am thankful to Mrs.Holliman for nominating me and at the same time I am extremely sorry for replying so late. Her blog is amazing. So just check this blog guys.

The rules to The Sunshine Blogger award:

  1. Use the sunshine blogger award logo
  2. Give thanks to the blogger that nominated you
  3. Answer the 11 questions given to you
  4. Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 questions
  5. Notify your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog/post

Mrs.Holliman questions to me

1.What do you love the most reading or writing?

2.Do you like planting flowers?

Ans.yes, very much.

3.What would you wish for if you seen a shooting star?

Ans.Right now I will wish to stop this pandemic .
4.Do you prefer living in the city or in the country?


5.Do you horseback riding?

Ans.I have not yet experienced it.
6.What would you do first if you won the lottery?

Ans.I will love to travel around the World.
7.Do you think things can be better with the right people making the right decision?

8.How do you deal with your stress?

Ans.I prefer listening to music.
9.What would you do if you seen a big spider right next you?

Ans.Even the imagination is fearful.
10.What is your favorite thing to everyday?

Ans.Reading good magazines or books,watching good movies,taking care of plants,listening to music etc.
11.What do you prefer designer things or regular things?


My nominees for the Sunshine blogger award.












My question for nominees

1.Why did you start blogging?

2.what do you love about doing blogging?

3.Who is your inspiration in your life?

4.Who is your favorite author?

5.What is the last book you read?

6.Which is your favorite movie?

7.If you are give a chance to become a singer, writer or a painter- Which one will you choose?

8.What is happiness according to you?

9.What is your favourite travel destination?

10.What is your favourite TV series?

11.What is your favourite food?

Thanks to all for reading and appreciating my work. Apart from these blogs I mentioned here, there are many other blogs that gives me immense pleasure.All these blogs are beautiful.

By Anisha Das

An avid writer .😅☺

Thank you so much for visiting my blog☺.

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