Hello !

Hello everyone, hope every one of you is doing well. This pandemic has literary taken all of our sleep away. I just realized that I had not posted anything after March probably. Although I am completely well, I got very unproductive these days. Staying at home and doing online classes and assignments has become a hectic schedule for every one of us. I hope we will be able to overcome this difficult time very soon and will be able to go back to our normal happy days. Literary waiting for that day to come.

Today my post is to get feedback from you. If you read my blog then you must have seen that I write poems and short stories. Now my question to you is that what you love most about my blog? Is it poem or short stories? Please, comment below. I will wait for your comment.

Wear a mask and sanitize your hand, please. Stay safe.

Thank you

Anisha Das.

By Anisha Das

An avid writer .๐Ÿ˜…โ˜บ

Thank you so much for visiting my blogโ˜บ.

13 replies on “Hello !”

Hey there, so what I enjoy the most about your posts is the personal touch you give them and the simplicity of the works. This applies to both poems and also other posts. Keep on doing what you enjoy the most. I guess, it can’t be bad ๐Ÿ™‚

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