Walking barefoot,

along the lengthy beach.

I saw sea shells, sticky sands, and footsteps.

Little ahead I saw shoes of a boy,

But where is the boy?

I don’t know.

Nobody knows probably.

Still walking along the beach,

noticing red crabs moving slowly

so slowly.

Late-night I am about to bed,

still thinking of those shoes.

It may belong to a boy,

who forgot to take his shoes back at home,

or may had lost his shoes in the sea.

But they say sea never takes things,

it always returns whatever it takes.

Or probably,

it belongs to the boy who was lost in the sea

and never came back.

I heard this incident happened,

a few days back.

Anisha Das.

By Anisha Das

An avid writer .😅☺

Thank you so much for visiting my blog☺.

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