October Rain

October Rain

October is the tenth month of the year when nature changes to a new colour. It seems that a bride is getting ready to impress her groom. Clear sky, beautiful birds makes October so pretty. October is the month when you can’t decide between switching on fans and wearing something warm. You need both!

But have you ever thought about October rain? You always expect rain in June and July. But what about October rain? It comes just like someone special who hadn’t informed you before coming to your house. Yet you enjoy the company of that special person. October rain is like that.No one expect it to come. But when it comes the Sky suddenly turned blue and dark in my eyes. Who knows what colour the sky turns in real? It’s all about our perception.
Now just imagine that you are coming back home with your special one and suddenly the rain starts falling and it’s the month of October. You are almost wet. What about enjoying a cup of ‘ adrak ka cha’1from the nearby tea stalls. Will you mind having a momo? Don’t think just have it.
October rain comes and goes very early. You can only enjoy that few minutes. It’s special you know. Anything that comes suddenly in our life without destroying our souls is special and memorable for us. Isn’t it? So think less and just spread your legs and dance in the rain of October.

1.Ginger tea

By Anisha Das

An avid writer .😅☺

Thank you so much for visiting my blog☺.

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