A trip to remember

It had been a wonderful trip that I made in the last November, 2018. I  went to Chandipur beachside, Devkund waterfall and Panchalingeshwar in Orissa.The whole road journey was marvellous. Soothing beauty , hillside, evergreen paths and the long awaited hot beach made my trip very special and memorable.Moreover the trip relaxed me from my busy city life.Here I am sharing with you some pictures of my recent trip. All the pictures were clicked by me.




Away from my city life,

there lies a beautiful lover.

She has a winsome look.

I can see,

how she attracts her lovers

through her alluring bush,

untroubled waterfalls

and prepossesing slope.

Lounging over her ravishing lap

for three countable days

took away all the tiredness of my whacked life .




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Anisha Das.