A trip to remember

It had been a wonderful trip that I made in the last November, 2018. I  went to Chandipur beachside, Devkund waterfall and Panchalingeshwar in Orissa.The whole road journey was marvellous. Soothing beauty , hillside, evergreen paths and the long awaited hot beach made my trip very special and memorable.Moreover the trip relaxed me from my busy city life.Here I am sharing with you some pictures of my recent trip. All the pictures were clicked by me.




Away from my city life,

there lies a beautiful lover.

She has a winsome look.

I can see,

how she attracts her lovers

through her alluring bush,

untroubled waterfalls

and prepossesing slope.

Lounging over her ravishing lap

for three countable days

took away all the tiredness of my whacked life .




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Anisha Das.

Poor Heart


Oh! wretched poor heart!
Why does thou care for all
those careless heart again and again?
Thou care for those merciless heart
as soft petals of a blooming flower.
Oh!wretched poor heart!
Even after giving so much care.
I see , you receive the unknown thunder
which is as dark as raged cloud
howling in the serene sky.
Oh!wretched poor heart!
Do you believe that love and attention
can be obtained in such unappetizing way?
Your love and care will be fruitful only when
it will get into some gracious heart one day.
Anisha Das
(This poem got featured /published in https://lunatheblog.com/2019/05/18/poor-heart/)


silhouette photo of jumping person during twilight hour
Photo by Vlad Bagacian on Pexels.com

(Presenting you a very short poem about love,compassion and freedom. )

What connects thy heart with mine?

Is it the power of strength, love or compassion?

Some says it’s spiritual connection.

Some believes it’s compassion.

Freedom is the only intent

that we search in every

nook and corner.

Oh! it’s true that love always forges from freedom.

Anisha Das.


A Secret Date

On a silent night,

under the pale moon light.

A secret date was settled.

Suddenly a familiar footsteps meddled

and scrambled Tom.

Hanging under the tiles of rooftop

was the only option left to him.

‘It’s too late child. You will catch cold. Come into the room, dear. ‘said Jenny’s father.

‘I will be there soon father’ confirmed Jenny.

‘There is no need to hide your boyfriend as it can cause an accident and a heartbreak too. ‘ said Jenny’s father in a chuckled tune.

Anisha Das.

In response to weekly challenge by Helene Vaillant -Willow Poetry

What do you See? June 4/2019


The Last Gift

Gift!  Gift! Gift !

It’s my last gift from my late uncle .

I Opened the gift wrapper

and found some sweet memories.

Old letters wrapped in an envelope

perfumed with a sweet scent,

wilted flowers,

a picture of mine with him

painted in a  coloured canvas.

Memories snapped on my mind.

Tears sparkled in my eyes with a sweet rapture.

Anisha Das.

In response to weekly challenge by Helene Vaillant -Willow Poetry

What do you See? May 28/2019


“You will fly my child. “said the mother.

“Really  Mummy. ” uttered the little boy.

” Yes! Just how a caterpillar

comes out of an egg.

It feed on leaves

and shred it’s shell.

One day it changed into pupa.

Then after a long waiting,

finally it emerged into  a beautiful butterfly ”

muttered the mother.

” Yes mummy! I will fly like a butterfly

and fulfil your aspirations one day. ”

whispered the child in his gleeful tune.

Anisha Das.

What do you See? May 21/2019