October Rain

October Rain

October is the tenth month of the year when nature changes to a new colour. It seems that a bride is getting ready to impress her groom. Clear sky, beautiful birds makes October so pretty. October is the month when you can’t decide between switching on fans and wearing something warm. You need both!

But have you ever thought about October rain? You always expect rain in June and July. But what about October rain? It comes just like someone special who hadn’t informed you before coming to your house. Yet you enjoy the company of that special person. October rain is like that.No one expect it to come. But when it comes the Sky suddenly turned blue and dark in my eyes. Who knows what colour the sky turns in real? It’s all about our perception.
Now just imagine that you are coming back home with your special one and suddenly the rain starts falling and it’s the month of October. You are almost wet. What about enjoying a cup of ‘ adrak ka cha’1from the nearby tea stalls. Will you mind having a momo? Don’t think just have it.
October rain comes and goes very early. You can only enjoy that few minutes. It’s special you know. Anything that comes suddenly in our life without destroying our souls is special and memorable for us. Isn’t it? So think less and just spread your legs and dance in the rain of October.

1.Ginger tea



Walking barefoot,

along the lengthy beach.

I saw sea shells, sticky sands, and footsteps.

Little ahead I saw shoes of a boy,

But where is the boy?

I don’t know.

Nobody knows probably.

Still walking along the beach,

noticing red crabs moving slowly

so slowly.

Late-night I am about to bed,

still thinking of those shoes.

It may belong to a boy,

who forgot to take his shoes back at home,

or may had lost his shoes in the sea.

But they say sea never takes things,

it always returns whatever it takes.

Or probably,

it belongs to the boy who was lost in the sea

and never came back.

I heard this incident happened,

a few days back.

Anisha Das.


Hello !

Hello everyone, hope every one of you is doing well. This pandemic has literary taken all of our sleep away. I just realized that I had not posted anything after March probably. Although I am completely well, I got very unproductive these days. Staying at home and doing online classes and assignments has become a hectic schedule for every one of us. I hope we will be able to overcome this difficult time very soon and will be able to go back to our normal happy days. Literary waiting for that day to come.

Today my post is to get feedback from you. If you read my blog then you must have seen that I write poems and short stories. Now my question to you is that what you love most about my blog? Is it poem or short stories? Please, comment below. I will wait for your comment.

Wear a mask and sanitize your hand, please. Stay safe.

Thank you

Anisha Das.


Strong girl

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She knows how she is ignored,

she knows how someone else is chosen over her.

She cried many days,

her pillow knows the stories.

She knows how she is rejected,

but silence overpowers her every time.

All she believes now,

that truth is magic.

True people come to us when others ignored us.

She cries no more.

Her eyes tell her to be strong.

Her ears tell her to hear bold words and

her lips twist only true words.

Sadly, the little girl got lost in this victim world,

but a strong girl comes out of it.

Someone is right,

some good things come only after a little sacrifice.

Anisha Das.


অনেক কথা বলার আছে

বিষন্ন এক দিনে,

যখন আকাশ থাকে গভীর ঘোরে,

তখন হটাৎ তাকে দেখতে পাই

এক নির্জন নদীর তীরে|

অনেক কথা বলার আছে,

তবু হয়না যেন বলা|

সন্ধে প্রদীপ জ্বলে ওঠে,

নিমাই মাঝির সুরে|

তবুও তারে বলা হয়ে ওঠেনা,

আমার সেইসব মনের কথা|

তবুও সে কি বুঝবেনা,

পড়বে না আমার চোখের ভাষা|

হয়তো সেও কোনো নদীর তীরে,

লিখছে তার প্রেমের কথা,

ওই পড়ন্ত বিকালের ডুবন্ত সূর্যের কাছে|

Anisha Das.


The Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello everyone, I am feeling overwhelmed that I am nominated for The Sunshine Blogger award by July27, 2019 on the post .I am thankful to Mrs.Holliman for nominating me and at the same time I am extremely sorry for replying so late. Her blog is amazing. So just check this blog guys.

The rules to The Sunshine Blogger award:

  1. Use the sunshine blogger award logo
  2. Give thanks to the blogger that nominated you
  3. Answer the 11 questions given to you
  4. Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 questions
  5. Notify your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog/post

Mrs.Holliman questions to me

1.What do you love the most reading or writing?

2.Do you like planting flowers?

Ans.yes, very much.

3.What would you wish for if you seen a shooting star?

Ans.Right now I will wish to stop this pandemic .
4.Do you prefer living in the city or in the country?


5.Do you horseback riding?

Ans.I have not yet experienced it.
6.What would you do first if you won the lottery?

Ans.I will love to travel around the World.
7.Do you think things can be better with the right people making the right decision?

8.How do you deal with your stress?

Ans.I prefer listening to music.
9.What would you do if you seen a big spider right next you?

Ans.Even the imagination is fearful.
10.What is your favorite thing to everyday?

Ans.Reading good magazines or books,watching good movies,taking care of plants,listening to music etc.
11.What do you prefer designer things or regular things?


My nominees for the Sunshine blogger award.












My question for nominees

1.Why did you start blogging?

2.what do you love about doing blogging?

3.Who is your inspiration in your life?

4.Who is your favorite author?

5.What is the last book you read?

6.Which is your favorite movie?

7.If you are give a chance to become a singer, writer or a painter- Which one will you choose?

8.What is happiness according to you?

9.What is your favourite travel destination?

10.What is your favourite TV series?

11.What is your favourite food?

Thanks to all for reading and appreciating my work. Apart from these blogs I mentioned here, there are many other blogs that gives me immense pleasure.All these blogs are beautiful.


My Garden

This pandemic has taught us how to boost our skills and creativity. I have seen many of my friends are getting back to cultivate their skills and creativity which they had almost forgotten due to work pressure. Some seen doing painting or writing stories while many are practising dancing and singing. This virus took tolls of lives and we have no idea how many more lives it is going to take. Let’s pray that we get back our old daily routine as fast as we can. Apart from all the negative things that the pandemic has, the only positive thing we will remember is how it has given us enough time to cultivate our hobbies.

However, when it comes to gardening, I can assure you that it is my new hobby. Althogh I wanted to make a big lawn for a long time but due to the problem of space and time, it never happened in that way.

Now I have a small terrace garden and a few plants in the window of my bedroom. I am loving this. Here, I am sharing some pictures of my little garden. Hope you like it. Maybe in the future, hopefully, I will have a large lawn.

Let,’s wish that we get rid of this pandemic and get back to our normal beautiful life.

Thank you

Anisha Das.

Let me know through comments that whether have you liked my little garden or not.


Happy blogging

Hello everyone.Hope everyone of you is doing well. Thanks for reading and following my blog. I am happy to share with you that my blog had completed 2 years on 12th October this year. I am happy that now I have 208 blog followers. Thanks to everyone for supporting me on my blog journey. I will soon come back with my new blog post. Till that stay safe.




Not a Writer

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No, I am not a writer

or a poet.

I am just a thinker or an overthinker.

I put my feelings into words,

curbs my emotions in reality,

so I put my fantasy into some dotted words.

Writers turn their life into stories or

web the reality into fiction.

But I am neither a writer nor a poet,

I am just a thinker or maybe an overthinker

as you can see!

Anisha Das.


Isn’t it?

black and white photo of holding hands
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A day will come,  

maybe you will not remember me. 

Long gone memories will call us again to revisit the past from our future.

Those long conversations would get smaller and will finally rest into scattered pieces.

Nothing will remain as same as before.

No calls and no letters will blur our past into infinite shadows.

Two shadows from the past will call us again and again,

but you can’t go, darling.

You know why,

maybe a hand from the future will hold you so tightly.

The future is bright and the past goes blurred,

No one knows but secretly you wish for me still now.

Isn’t it?

Anisha Das.