Parenting and Compound Interest

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Lost Diary

Women never disclose their true age, while men never disclose their correct salary. The origins and rationale behind this saying are unknown to me, but it surely throws light upon the evergreen beauty of women and the dominance of men in financial matters in a patriarchal society. Of course, times have changed, and so has parenthood, a related concept in this discussion.

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Why parenthood is important in this context can probably be explained using the argument that a society develops on how well parents up bring their children and make decisions related to their education, cost of living, amenities to provide and of course the number of children per family. The importance a parent attaches to a childā€™s leisure is probably one of the greatest factor determining whether the kid will grow up to be an independent personality, or whether the parent views theirā€¦

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Two eyes


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Two eyes spoke lies

That’s why I trusted your lips.


When those lusty lips spoke truth

Alas! I searched for your love in my two eyes.

Anisha Das.

In love


(Photo taken while going back to home kolkata from Santiniketan )

The Sun set beyond the golden horizon,

spreading it’s rays all over the field.

I saw him completelyĀ  drenched.

No,not in the rain,

but in the hope to get some love.

Anisha Das.


Happy blogging!

20191013_184557.jpgHappiness should not be bounded and it should not be overrated. Here,my blog completed it’s one year journey. I am extremely happy to share this specialĀ  moment with you guys. SinceĀ  the last year I came across with many other blogs.More than 170 people from all over the worldĀ  are following my blog today.BlogingĀ  help me to grow and also let me to flow my imagination like a kite flying in the sky with diverse hues and shades in life.I promise that I will try to post more of my writings and clicked pictures with a hope that you guys will also share your views and ideas through comments.

Ā  Ā  Thanks for cooperating me in my journey. šŸ˜€šŸ˜€šŸ˜€šŸ˜š


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Whenever I stare at those Ā bright little beautiful Ā stars

in the darkest sky,

I can feel your two eyes resting deeply

in the core of my heart.

You never have been away from my soul

even for a single day.

Honey, wherever are you

you will always be only mine.

Anisha Das.