My Lord

No tranquillity

only war

and destruction.

Human race are in danger!

Broken walls,

fragile rooftops,

cracked buildings

and wrecked

face of almighty.

Vanquished hopes

of human beings.


None can

defeat the power

Of my Lord!


Anisha Das

In response to the weekly challenge by Helene Vaillant

What do you See? June 11/2019



A Secret Date

On a silent night,

under the pale moon light.

A secret date was settled.

Suddenly a familiar footsteps meddled

and scrambled Tom.

Hanging under the tiles of rooftop

was the only option left to him.

‘It’s too late child. You will catch cold. Come into the room, dear. ‘said Jenny’s father.

‘I will be there soon father’ confirmed Jenny.

‘There is no need to hide your boyfriend as it can cause an accident and a heartbreak too. ‘ said Jenny’s father in a chuckled tune.

Anisha Das.

In response to weekly challenge by Helene Vaillant -Willow Poetry

What do you See? June 4/2019


The Last Gift

Gift!  Gift! Gift !

It’s my last gift from my late uncle .

I Opened the gift wrapper

and found some sweet memories.

Old letters wrapped in an envelope

perfumed with a sweet scent,

wilted flowers,

a picture of mine with him

painted in a  coloured canvas.

Memories snapped on my mind.

Tears sparkled in my eyes with a sweet rapture.

Anisha Das.

In response to weekly challenge by Helene Vaillant -Willow Poetry

What do you See? May 28/2019


“You will fly my child. “said the mother.

“Really  Mummy. ” uttered the little boy.

” Yes! Just how a caterpillar

comes out of an egg.

It feed on leaves

and shred it’s shell.

One day it changed into pupa.

Then after a long waiting,

finally it emerged into  a beautiful butterfly ”

muttered the mother.

” Yes mummy! I will fly like a butterfly

and fulfil your aspirations one day. ”

whispered the child in his gleeful tune.

Anisha Das.

What do you See? May 21/2019


Meeting in Heaven

brown castle
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Once again the Queen meet the king

in a castle venued in the Heaven.

The angels arranged the occasion

in a prepossesing way.

The Queen came out in a

white fascinating dress.

While the king appealed the

crowd with his evergreen striking manner.

A heavenly kiss took place between them,

captivating the picturesque moment

settled in the Heaven.

Once again the old memories

rushed back when they

met first before their death.

True love meet again and again.

Hence the proverbs carried on as well!

Anisha Das



Happy Letter

brown paper envelope on table
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Yes that my father’s letter .

I heard my name

coming from distant land,

sometimes from the overlying round shaped hills and

sometimes along the brick paved muddy path.

Nandini ! Nandini!

“It’s yours father letter ” said the postman.

“Hurry!Hurry!  dear as I have to catch the last train for bringing tomorrow letters. ” uttered the postman.

He gave me the envelope and whistled his way towards the railway station.

I opened my letter and it’s written there “I’m coming back very soon as holidays are very near. ”

Yes that’s the happy letter which a daughter always wish from his beloved father.

Anisha Das.



close up photo of sea water during sunset
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Then on one certain daybreak,

I realised that

I will not search for thee!

Let the dawn meet the dusk

at some point where lovers meet.

Let the Sun meet the moon

in the blushing sky.

Let the light meet the shadow

when two souls meet.

Let the rivers meet the mountain

at some slightest corner in this world.

But oh! dear, I promise that,

I will not look for thee anymore!

Anisha Das.